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Small Talk

Posted on 2006.08.03 at 10:25
Current Mood: curiouscurious
“So you are raised by more than one mother?” I ask as my curiosity is peaked while I listen to Celeste speak to me about her past.

Ever since Celeste returned from her stay away from Hogwarts, we have spent much of our time together since we are both free from duties for the Summer break. The time together has allowed us to learn more about each other and I find that with every bit of knowledge, I have a thirst to know more.

“No, I was raised by my mother but there were women in the village trained to raise us. We learned about what it means to be a Veela and our traditions,” Celeste answers with a slight smirk and I find myself glad to see her smile.

It seems that a great weight has been lifted off of us since her return. For the moment at least, there are no students and no professors here. Normally, I would be here alone, assuming caretaker duties while the other members of the staff returned home. Since I have no living relatives, it was never much of a burden for me to stay here. In fact, I enjoyed the peace and solitude of this place and I was able to finish much of my pre-planning for the upcoming year.

But this year has been different with Celeste here. Normally, Filch is my only company at school but I have sent him out on the supply run for Slughorn this year and he took the job with an immense sense of gratitude. He was happy to be given responsibilities beyond mopping the floor at the school and since I have ordered all the ingredients already, all he has to do is pick them up. Of course, it normally takes a month to finish traveling to acquire the items on the list and during that time, Celeste and I will have the school to ourselves. That was a definite benefit.

My mind returns to the present and I glance over at Celeste before I reply, “So it’s like a school then? Maybe that’s why you are so interested in Hogwarts.”

Taking her hand, I stare down at our fingers interlaced with one another. The contrast is noticeable…my scarred hand, battered by time and foes alike while the skin on Celeste’s delicate hand is flawless, seemingly untouched by the years. But oddly enough, it seems to me that we fit together. In her perfection, my hand seems to be more vibrant looking, even youthful while the ugliness that mars my paw seems to protect Celeste’s hand from those who would harm her and maybe even against the ravages of age itself.

“Among other things,” Celeste replies shyly, her eyes shifting to look at me demurely.

“Do you mean the outstanding food and the cozy living quarters?” I ask innocently.

“No, I meant the drafty old hallways and the cute male students.” Celeste grins in return as we pass the Great Hall.

“You could get in trouble for thinking about those young men,” I retort in mock anger as I spin around and take hold of her upper arm.

“Well, better than those perverted old professors,” Celeste replies.

“Yes, you do have to watch out for those old bastards,” I answer as I push her against the wall.

“You shouldn’t call yourself names like that, Remus.” Celeste answers and I am shocked by how comfortable we have become with one another.

“Ahh, would you like me to show you old I am?” I ask after leaning closer to her ear, my breath causing her to shiver slightly.

“In dog years,” Celeste replies and pushes me away. She takes my hand and leads me down the hall while she adds, “Come on, Remus. Although I love when you prove your virility, I’d like you to try and show me in a bed. I think I still have splinters in my bottom from the library.”

“You’re no fun,” I snicker while I let her lead me again.

“No, I just wanted to talk too. It seems that whenever we turn the conversation to you, we end up having sex,” Celeste comments as she slows down our pace.

“It’s an easy way to distract you,” I answer while looking at her sheepishly.

“I don’t want to be distracted….for a little while. I want to know something about your family.” I reply. “You’ve told me everything about your life including droning on about Sirius, James, Lily, and Peter but you never say anything about your family.”

“Ah, well. Where do I begin?” I answer as I stop to lean against a wall. “I’ll start at the beginning…”

Shoving my hands in the pockets of my robe, I say, “The Lupins were what we like to call the ‘Penniless Landed Gentry’. My family had land. In fact, we had our own forest and a mansion that had been the Lupin’s for generations. But we never had a penny to our name. It seems that we were stuck in an unenviable position. My father could not maintain our lands and work at the same time.”

“So your family owns land?” Celeste asks as she stares intently at me.

“No, my father lost it years ago. It seems his son was bit by a werewolf and he sold off tracts of land to pay for his only child’s hospital costs. Eventually, he sold his ancestral home to try to find a cure for his son and to make sure he would have enough for Hogwarts,” I reply wistfully, furrowing my brow as I relive the painful past.

“So what did he do then?” Celeste inquires.

“He went to work for Ollivander and he and my mother found a small flat near Diagon Alley,” I answer quietly. “They were older when they had me and they both died ten years ago. My mother died first and then my father passed on soon after. They loved each other so much that I don’t think my father could live without my mother.”

“I didn’t know, Remus. I’m sorry,” Celeste replies contritely, her eyes casting down to the floor.

“It’s not your fault and I’ve learned to live with their passing.” I say dismissively. “I’m just happy because I know that they’re together still.”

“That’s nice, Remus.” She smiles wistfully and I wonder if she wants to say more.

But I do not push her to speak as I allow the moment to past. Celeste has revealed much to me about her life but I know there is still so much more she has yet to reveal and her parents are one of those subjects she is not ready to speak about yet.

Taking her hand, I ask, “Do you have any more questions you have for me?”

“No, Remus,” she replies as we walk down the hall again. I lead her down the corridor but feel her tug at my hand. Turning around, I watch Celeste hesitate briefly before she asks, “Do you really believe your parents are still together?”

I pause for a moment, thinking about my parents and what they shared before I say, “I do believe they shared something. They were never very showy with their love but they were special…at least to me.”

“So what made them so special?” Celeste asks quietly and I glance over at her to see a slight bit of bewilderment cross her features.

“They never got tired of one another and you could see when they were together what they shared,” I answer, remembering the happy moments between my parents the most.
Staring down at our hands again, I say quietly, “Funny, I guess it was times like these that made them special.”

An amicable silence passes between us and no words are spoken. But when I look into Celeste’s piercing blue eyes, I see an acceptance there and I smile at her reassuringly. She nods her acknowledgement before she begins to lead me to her quarters while saying, “Times like these are special, Remus.”


Welcome Home - NC17 For Adult Situations

Posted on 2006.07.08 at 09:15
Current Mood: happyhappy
I wake up and prop my head on my elbow, watching in quiet contemplation as I gaze at Celeste’s peaceful features in the last sliver of moonlight pouring through the windows of my quarters. I cannot believe she is here and when she showed up last night and asked to come back to Hogwarts, I knew I could not turn her away.

Celeste sighs softly and I see a small smile crease her features. But still her breathing is even and I realize she is still sleeps peacefully. She looked exhausted when she showed up last night and I find I do not want to wake her even though I have so many questions.

Her scent drifts toward me and I luxuriate in its familiarity. She smells clean, the odor of the man she shared herself with gone now and I realize that during the night, she has bathed. But it would not have mattered if she had left him on herself…I would not have let her leave again.

I lie back down quietly, staring at the ceiling overhead wondering how my life has changed over the past twelve hours. Last night was the first decent night of sleep I have experienced since she left. When I was alone, I spent endless hours at night stalking the corridors, first my rage and then my anguish taking away any chance I had of sleep.

“Remus?” Celeste’s voice is soft, questioning and I turn over to face her again. Her hand moves tentatively and I feel her fingers caress my cheek, slowly drifting over my stubble as if memorizing the map of my skin.

“How are you doing?” I ask quietly while searching her eyes for any hint that she is having second thoughts but thankfully, I find none.

“I’m fine, just a little tired still,” she answers as her hand wanders down to my chest. My flesh is on fire where she touches me and I find myself enjoying the simple attention she gives me. Her eyes meet mine again as she continues, “I missed you, Remus. Thanks for…”

“It’s fine. I missed you too,” I interrupt, not wanting her to feel uncomfortable. Maybe she does not understand that I needed her back also. The void in my heart when she was gone sent me spiraling into a dark void and I cannot believe how important she has become in my life.

She nods and we sit there quietly for a moment, each of us lost in our own thoughts. I do not know what I should do or if I should say anything. What do you say to the woman who leaves you despondent only to return a week later without explanation?

The words catch in my throat and instead of pushing for an answer I am not sure she is ready to give, I sit up on the edge of the bed. Sighing in frustration, I begin to stand when I feel Celeste’s small hand wrap around my elbow. My body shivers softly and I find I cannot move before I feel her press her naked body against my back.

I turn my head slightly, capturing her deep aqua blue eyes and in them I see the pain, the desire, the uncertainty…and I realize they are exact mirrors of mine. Her lip trembles slightly and I know the question that plays in my mind is the same as the one on her lips….where are we going to go from here.

“I came back for you, Remus. I’m sorry I hurt you…I would have stayed but…” Celeste sounds uncertain as she speaks and I realize that she may fear losing me as much as I fear being away from her. She takes a deep breath before she adds, “I thought of you…I…I was miserable and everything seemed bland. I never felt like that before. I know now it was because of you.”

Turning slowly as I play her words over in my head, I reply, “It’s okay, Celeste. You’re safe now and you have your job…I’m glad you’re going to have your life back. Hogwarts wasn’t the same without you.”

“Don’t do this, Remus,” Celeste answers angrily.

“What do you want me to say? You show up here in the middle of the night and I don’t even know why yet,” I reply.

“I want to tell you everything so you’ll understand but not now,” Celeste pleads and my shoulders slump slightly. “I know I don’t deserve it but please trust me.”

“I trust you, Celeste. You’re back here, aren’t you?” I respond.

“But you won’t touch me,” a storm rages over her features as her eyes narrow. “Is it because I fucked another man? That’s all it was…a fuck…it was…disgusting.”

I laugh sharply before I answer, “It’s not that, Celeste. That’s your choice and since we’ve never committed to each other, I have no say in who you sleep with…I just don’t know if I can open up to you again. Should I always have to wonder when you’re going to leave me again?”

“I won’t do that, Remus. I promise you,” she responds contritely.

Her hand finds my own and she laces her fingers through mine. As I stare at the flawless skin on her arm, I realize that this is a time of reckoning. If I pull away, I risk losing her forever but I just do not know if I can let her in.

I seemingly spend hours staring at the way her hand molds to mine…so perfect but the differences are so clear…her unblemished skin and mine crisscrossed with scars, the elegance of each of her fingers holding tightly to my gnarled hand…and I wonder if she could ever be satisfied with one like me.

Still, when she squeezes my hand, it is as if I can feel her heart beat through me and my decision is made. Slowly, I bring her fingers to my lips and kiss each one almost reverently before I say, “I believe you, Celeste.”

My hand wraps around her shoulders and I pivot my torso around to face her before I allow my lips to brush against her forehead. I watch her smile slightly before she looks at me and I suddenly feel once more as if I am the only man in her world. Bringing my finger below her chin, I tilt her head up and I feel like I am seeing her beauty for the first time.

I bring my lips to her and she moans softly when we kiss. I am whole again and while our kiss deepens, I pour every gram of my passion into this one moment. She melts against me and once more I feel a shiver tear through my body.

She pulls away and begins to move back onto the bed, opening her legs in invitation while she says, “Remus, please….I need you now.”

The tone in her voice is new to me, no longer does it feel as if the moment must be rushed and I gaze reverently at the vision of all that is Celeste Bertrand. My body covers Celeste’s and her hands dart to my hips, gripping them tightly as she guides me over her.

My body trembles with excitement and I feel once more like the giddy school boy with his first woman. I feel so juvenile with my frantic anticipation but when I take a moment to glance at Celeste, I see her erratic breathing, her heavily lidded eyes staring at me with expectation and her body quivering slightly…and I realize that it is not just me who needs this now.

I steady myself over her, sighing when her hands run over my coarse skin and I feel the warmth radiate from her fingertips, igniting the dull flame that has barely existed within me since she left.

Finally, I cannot wait any longer and I tilt my hips, pushing my cock ever so slowly into Celeste, closing my eyes as a myriad of emotions wash over me. When I am buried within her, I hold still while I bring my hand to her forehead, brushing away a lock of hair. Her eyes gleam at me and I know deep down inside that she has found the same sense of completeness that I have been able to find with her now.

“I missed you,” I whisper softly before bending over and kissing her. My tongue swipes eagerly against hers and we share every thing left unsaid with that single kiss before I pull away reluctantly and admit, “I don’t want to be without you again.”

“You won’t,” Celeste moans as I begin to move, my hardness now stroking into her waiting body. I watch her back arch as I begin to increase the tempo of each thrust into her while my own need begins to drive me.

“Come for me, love,” I whisper as her body responds further, sinking into the mattress with every plunge of my erection and I feel the tell tale tremble in her thighs announcing her release is closing in upon her.

My hand slides down her body as I rise to my knees and bring her legs over my shoulders. I let my thumb glide over her firm breast, feeling the erect nipple rise to meet me before my fingers skim over the taut skin of her stomach and then make their way between her legs.

Celeste’s pleasure is evident in the sheer bliss on her features and I begin to move my fingers over her clit, taking her nub between my digits.

She cries out as I twist her clit, her pleasure overwhelming her as her breathing comes in short, sharp gasps. My cock moves relentlessly inside Celeste as I feel her ankles click around my back, holding me close.

“Only with you, Remus…only with you,” she moans loudly as her features seemingly rage with her passion, the intensity startling as I gaze at the maelstrom that has dawned across her.

She rolls her hip against my continued intrusion and when I feel her muscles tighten around my cock, I realize that she heals me in her own way and I allow every bit of frustration and hurt to wash away from me….Celeste has returned and for that I am grateful.

Her body shudders as the last vestiges of her orgasm sweep through her and I try to find a way to stay forever within her. But I soon realize that I cannot hold back and with a loud groan, I thrust deeply into Celeste, my body quaking as I bring my lips down to hers again, wanting to share with her my own bliss.

“Don’t leave me again,” I growl quietly as I finally spill inside Celeste. She holds me close as the ecstasy of the moment cascades over me. I am helpless in her arms and as she strokes my hair, I suddenly understand that I have grown accustomed to her support in our short time together and in the simple kiss she ghosts across my lips, I know that there is so much more between us than there was just a week ago.

I cannot not define what we share and as I lie in her arms, I really do not care. I breathe deeply, trying to halt the rapid rise and fall of my chest. As I roll off of her, I pull her to me. She shifts her body to lie on my shoulder and when I curl my arm around her, it seems that she wants to be cared for now…and I realize that I want to do nothing more than give her what she desires.

“Can we just stay in bed forever, Remus?” Celeste asks quietly as her fingers graze against my jawline.

“Well, I haven’t revoked my resignation and you haven’t been scheduled yet,” I grin while I feel my body begin to stir again. Celeste yawns and I add, “If you need a nap, love, we can wait. I understand that you may be a bit worn out with your age and all.”

“We’ll see about that, Professor,” Celeste smirks before she sits up quickly. I lick my lips in anticipation as she swings her legs over mine and straddles my thighs while she continues, “I think that we have enough time to prove you wrong.”


Home at Last

Posted on 2006.07.08 at 00:04
Current Location: my quarters
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
I listen to McGonagall walk down the stairs and as I hear the stone gargoyles slide away I am relieved that the Headmistress has kindly given Celeste and I a moment alone.

I find my heart waging war with my head while I stare silently at Celeste, trying so very hard not to let myself become mesmerized by her beauty once more. I fell for her once before…a day, a week, a lifetime ago…in a forest, in a hallway, in bed with the sheets wrapped around our naked bodies….and I cannot allow myself to give away my heart so easily.

Celeste’s blue eyes bore into mine as she stands, smoothing her dress down her body and as I watch the material pull taut across her bosom, I feel the sudden pang, the fervor, the excitement that she has elicited in me since the first time I saw her. I cannot believe with all the anger, all the pain, all the questions she has forced me to ask myself…I had finally found peace with her leaving and within that harmony I had made my decision to leave Hogwarts.

“Hello, Remus,” Celeste says quietly as she moves in front of me. Her hands cross in front of her but she continues to lock eyes with me and I can sense the pride and the defiance when I stare into her soul.

“Celeste, I…” I answer, wanting to say more but I cannot find the words. Celeste’s hand reaches forward hesitantly, brushing against my arm and my senses begin to take her in, luxuriating in the familiar touch, her voice cascading over me, soothing my savage soul…the scent of the forest, the oak…the brook meandering by us and suddenly I take in another smell…a man. I breathe in deeply again, wanting to be wrong but I realize his scent…she has been with another.

My eyes open widely and she must see the astonishment on my features. I wonder if she is able to figure out my concerns as I listen to her say, “I’m sorry, Remus. I know you can smell him…I can’t lie to you but I can tell you that he meant nothing. He took what he wanted…I didn’t give it to him.”

“Why?” The single word passes my lips in a torturous gasp and I do not know what I am asking, the questions are so myriad in my mind.

“If you’re asking why I left, I was ordered to leave here and I need to leave it at that,” she responds, her features beginning to burn with her defiance. But in the next moment, her eyes cast down toward my chest while she adds quietly, “If you’re asking about the other man, Remus, all I can say is that I’m sorry. I was obligated to share myself with him but I did it…I always follow orders.”

Her words echo in my mind as her head tilts down and she gazes at the floor. But no matter my anger over her deception, over the abrupt way she left, over how she shared herself with another man mere hours before she came to me, I realize that I do not own her and I have already decided that my path lies elsewhere.

Are you planning on coming back to Hogwarts now?” I ask, my mind still trying to wrap around the fact that she has returned and she is not the woman I thought she was just a week ago.

Her brow furrows before she lifts her head and replies, “I had hoped to come back. I missed my work.”

I chuckle bitterly before I stroll past Celeste. My hand brushes through my hair before I answer, “I’ll recommend to the Headmistress that she rehire you.”

I hear her move across the room and I shiver when she places her hand on my shoulder. I turn around and watch Celeste’s lips tug up into a smile before she replies, “I’m so happy. Thank you, Remus.”

She steps closer to hug me and I put my hands on her lower arms before I comment, “Don’t thank me, Celeste. I’ve resigned my position and I’ll be leaving the school.”

“You can’t…” she answers, her eyes pleading with me quietly.

My hands drop off her arms before I confess, “I think it would be best. While you were gone, I found that I can’t control my beast anymore. You…we unleashed it and I almost killed Stebbins a few days ago. It’s best if I go for everyone involved but Roger will still be here.”

“I don’t want Roger, dammit. I want you. I came back for you,” her eyes flash with a sudden anger and I watch her hands tighten into fists.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m not going to let myself be hurt again, Celeste. I opened myself up to you and you ran. You should have just told me it was too much,” I bark, trying to step away but I find my path blocked by her.

“It wasn’t too much for me. Do you think I wanted to leave? I didn’t want to be there,” she retorts while a sudden storm plays over her features.

“So you go fuck another man for comfort? How long was it after you left before he was inside you providing comfort, Celeste?” I snap, feeling the tension course along my spine.

“You want to know the truth, Remus? He came to me hours after I left here and he didn’t even speak while he took me,” she hisses, leaning forward until she is mere millimeters from my face.

“Who the hell are you? The woman who made me feel alive or the one who just threw me away so easily,” I snap back bitterly before I grip the edge of the desk tightly.

“I don’t know who I am, Remus. Maybe I’m just a fucking whore like everyone says I am,” Celeste screams and turns away from me. She spins back around and I see the faint moisture in her eyes before she begs, “Can you tell me, Remus? Please tell me who I am.”

I want to reach out to her, to touch her, to comfort her but I can’t bring myself to let her back into my life…not now…

“I need to go,” I shake my head before I walk by her.

“Didn’t you tell me you wanted to know me?” she inquires, a slight hitch in her voice while her hand takes hold of my wrist. I turn my head slowly before she adds quietly, “I had hoped…”

Her voice trails off as I answer angrily, “I don’t care what you hoped, Celeste. I hoped you would stay around. I hoped you would see me as more than another fuck. I had hoped we would get to know each other.”

Her hand runs up my arm and I watch her mouth begin to work before she replies softly, “Goddess, you aren’t just someone I wanted to have sex with, Remus. I still want to get to know you and my one hope coming back here was that you still want to know me.”

I start to notice her every twitch, her smile, the nervousness on her features before I reply, “Why are you here, Celeste and don’t give me that bullshite about you wanting to come back to me. That may be a part of it but I know there’s more.”

Her eyes capture mine, once more holding me in place. She takes a deep breath, calming herself before she responds, “I can’t tell you all the details…maybe later. For now, I can just tell you that I was in trouble…but, I did come back for you. I had other places I could have gone but I came here…I came here, Remus. But if you don’t believe me, I’ll leave you now.”

She begins to walk away and I realize that the time of my reckoning is at hand. If I let Celeste go now, I could lose her forever and it would be over. My mind races, going over my choices and trying to decide if I want to believe a woman who has done nothing but hurt me, crushed me and forced me to change myself. Then I realize that in the end, I…I just cannot let her leave again.

Reaching out, I take hold of her arm and twist her around. Her eyes flash angrily before I give her a wry smile, “I don’t want you to leave.”

Her features soften and I watch her, waiting to see how she will react to my declaration as she replies, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t want you to go, Celeste…I think that it’s best that you stay here,” I answer quietly.

“So you can have a clear conscious when you leave, Remus? You’ll know I’m safe, so you can go hide from the world again now that I’ve screwed up your Hogwarts sanctuary for you,” Celeste says sharply.

Pulling her close to me, I feel her struggle before I force her to look at me as I answer slowly, “I wasn’t planning on leaving anymore. I want to get to know you. I want to stay here and see what happens….with us.”

I tilt her chin up before she asks, “Do you mean it, Remus?”

“He means it,” A voice behinds me answers before I can open my mouth and I release Celeste. Pivoting around, I face Minerva while she smirks, “Now that Ms. Bertrand is back, I assume that this means you’ll be continuing your employment here, Professor Lupin.”

My hand reaches behind me and I feel Celeste’s fingers slide across my palm before I steel myself and reply, “I’m not sure, Minerva. I don’t want to break any school rules and I know I will.”

“I believe I told you that I thought this rule was antiquated but I am sure you two will use the greatest discretion. As long as I do not see anything, Mr. Lupin and Ms. Bertrand, I believe I will be satisfied,” the Headmistress states.

She moves behind her desk and Celeste and I watch her before I say, “I believe that can be arranged, Headmistress.”

Celeste nods as Minerva replies, “Then Ms. Bertrand, you will have your old quarters back and I expect you both to return to duty once you make sure Celeste is settled in, Professor Lupin. Now, it is late and I would like to get some sleep.”

Celeste and I understand the Headmistresses’ dismissal and we both make our ways down the stairs. We begin to move down the empty corridors and I find myself glancing at Celeste, amazed that she is here again. But I cannot find my voice and we walk in silence until we come to the hallways that lead in the opposite directions to our individual quarters.

Stopping at the crossroads, I say quietly, “I can walk you to your room.”

Celeste shakes her head before she takes my hand and leads me toward my room. After we open my door and walk inside, she turns toward me and before I can close the door, her mouth covers mine and I feel her arms curl around my neck. Every bit of hurt, despair, disgust, and hatred seems to melt away from me as our passion grows and I feel my heart exult once more, tearing away the chains of misery that have fettered it since she left me.

My desire grows as she steps away from me. Her hands reach to the first clasp on her robe and after a moment, I gasp as her clothes puddle on the floor, revealing the beauty that I have dreamt about since she left me. Her eyes cast toward the floor again before she whispers, “I’m yours, Remus.”

I want to take her, to make love to Celeste and wash away the scent that permeates her body from the other man. But then I realize that Celeste is apologizing the only way she knows how…she came here with only the clothes on her back and from her words, the bastards she was with took not only from her physically but also spiritually.

I make my decision and even if it is nearly killing me, I walk past Celeste, stripping off my clothes until I am in my boxers. She gazes at me, expecting me to drop my final bit of clothing but I want her to know she means more to me than sex. Taking her hand and ignoring my obvious need, I escort her over to the bed and pull down the sheets. Celeste lies down and we take out familiar places on the bed. Once we settle down, I lift myself up on my elbow and let my hand roam lightly over her body before I finally reply, “Thank you for coming back, Celeste. I missed you.”

“Don’t you want to make love to me, Remus,” Celeste asks tentatively while she worries on her bottom lip.

Smiling at Celeste, I reply, “I want nothing more than to fuck your brains out, love. But I think that for tonight, I just want to hear your voice again….I need to hear your voice once more.”

“I…I’ll never do this to you again, Remus. They’ll be no other men while we’re together. I wasn’t lying when I said that I only wanted you,” Celeste promises. I’m stunned by her statement but I know by the sincerity in her voice that she means what she is saying.

I nod before I kiss her forehead and murmur, “I know that, Celeste and I promise you that I don’t ever want to let you go again.”

My arms wrap around her and I smile as she snuggles against me…I am home once more.


"Rage" July 1,

Posted on 2006.07.01 at 22:26
Current Location: Hogwarts
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She disappeared without a trace. The woman I thought was my mate has vanished and the worse part is that I had started to believe there was something more between us. My last memory is Celeste taking me to the forest last…a week…a year ago and we made love until the dawn broke and I'd never felt so sated in my life. Yet, it was that afternoon when she left me without even saying goodbye and since that moment all I can think of is why she would do this to me.

"Another one, Remus?" Aberforth Dumbledore asks in his gravelly voice. I look at him with bleary eyes and nod. He shrugs his shoulders and finds the bottle of Old Ogden's before he pours me a shot and slides the glass to me. I stare at the amber liquid sloshing up to the rim before the bottle comes to a stop in front of me and I hear Aberforth add, "It's yours, Professor. Compliments of the house."

I do not even have the strength to acknowledge him. All I want is Celeste back and now I drink to escape her memory in this dank tavern on a dark, lonely night. I do not remember it being like this with Dora but I knew deep inside no matter how much I loved her, Dora was not the one…no matter how much she threw herself at me and I tried to make it right, I could never picture her as my mate.

But Celeste was different. I realized from the moment we met that she was the one I would run the woods with one day. She was everything I desired and for the first time in my life I could release the beast inside me without worrying that she would be frightened or that I would cause her harm. She was perfection and I allowed myself to believe…for the first time in my life, I believed that the idea of finding a mate for myself could be realized.

That is why this hurt so badly. I do not know if I loved her, we did not have the time to search out that emotion but I gave myself over to her, letting her see my true self and I relished the experience. But now, I have come crashing back to my mundane reality and like the man given a brief taste of the freedom, I cannot fathom returning to my life before Celeste came into it.

I pick up my glass and salute my dead friends, listing each in my head as I always do when I drink but now I wonder if I should add Celeste because I realize that judging from her harsh departure, I will never see her again.

Slamming the drink back, I feel it burn down my throat as I sputter until the searing heat begins to warm my belly and the pleasant numbing sensation cascades over me.

I fill my glass again and prepare to polish off another shot when a hand on my shoulder stops me. Swiveling my head around, I allow my eyes to focus and feel the bile rise in my throat because standing before me is Roger Stebbins who has seemingly found me at every turn since Celeste left. His smiling countenance infuriates me and I growl lowly in my throat before he sits next to me and says, "You shouldn't drink alone, Remus. Let me have a drink and then maybe you and I…we could form a club together. Those who were burned by Celeste Bertrand lived to tell the tale."

I slide him the bottle as Aberforth brings a glass. I want to be alone but I resign myself to the fact that I am just too blasted tired to fucking care enough to get rid of him. Roger tilts the bottle, the brown liquid pouring into his glass before he fills mine again. He raises his glass in a toast but I ignore him, slugging mine back before he drinks his alone.

I find myself brimming with rage before Aberforth looks at me and puts his hand on my wrist and says, "Maybe it's time for you to stop, Remus."

Looking up, I see the concern on his weathered features before I smile wanly, "Don't worry, old friend, I've drank a lot more than this before in my life."

"Well, I'm glad school's out-of-session so you don't have to face the students tomorrow but I'm going to Firecall Minverva anyway to tell her you may be spending the night," Aberforth grins before he walks over to the fireplace.

"My name is Professor Stebbins and I work at Hogwarts. I will take Remus home," Roger says across the room and I watch as Aberforth turns and scowls at him before returning his attention to the fireplace.

"Fucking prat," Roger mumbles under his breath.

I look at him in astonishment before I answer, "Don't talk about Aberforth that way. He's a good friend and has done more for this world than you ever will, Roger."

The rage courses over his features at my words before he calms himself and asks innocently, "Have you heard from Celeste, Remus?"

"No," I snap.

"Too bad, I thought she would have called by now. I'm glad she searched me out to say goodbye," Roger leans on the counter, nursing his drink. "I had always thought we shared something special in our months together. Gods, the way she fucked though."

My hand closes into a fist but I force down my anger before I shake my head, "Leave me alone, Stebbins."

"No, Remus, you pathetic bastard…I'm not leaving you alone…just like you couldn't leave Celeste and I alone. She would have loved me eventually without you," Roger hisses through clenched teeth. I want to respond but I cannot. In his mind, he is right. I stole Celeste from him and for my actions, now I have been punished.

But my thoughts are interrupted when a fist slams into my mouth and I topple off of my stool. I slowly lift my eyes and see Roger standing over me. He brings his leg back and kicks me in the ribs before I say breathe, "Do your fucking best, I don't give a damn anymore."

He kicks me again shattering several ribs and I feel myself explode as white hot light fills my vision. But I am a wolf and pain is nothing for me to overcome. I find myself relishing in the torture Roger rains upon me….cleansing my soul.

When his foot lands on my jaw, the toe of his shoe sliding down my chin, I groan before I see Aberforth holding Roger off the floor by his collar. Roger struggles against Aberforth while I stand up slowly, feeling the sharp pain in my chest before I hear Aberforth ask, "Would you like me to thrash him for you?"

"No, let him down. I stole his woman this past school year and I deserved what I got," I rub my side, testing to see how many ribs are broken.

"She was mine, Remus until you took her. Serves you right that she left you and I hope you are wondering right now if she's fucking another man because when she left me, thoughts of you and her together were a constant in my mind," Roger screams. He leans his face toward me before he continues, "So I hope that bitch has her legs spread right now for a dozen men because she is nothing but a whore and I hope you rot in hell, Lupin, knowing you will never touch her again."

"Don't call her a whore," I reply quietly.

"Why?" Roger laughs. "Because you thought she was a virgin. Even I know that pussy had been worn out long before I got in there. I could barely feel the sides but I loved it every time she begged me to fuck her."

My hand snaps out to throttle his throat and I ignore the lancing pain in my side. Yanking down, I hear his head slams into to hardwood floor before I flip him over to face me while I straddle his chest. His eyes open wide in fear as his fist snaps forward and connects with my jaw.

My eyes tear but my rage takes hold now as I slowly tighten the grip on his throat feeling his windpipe restrict while Aberforth tries to pull me off of him. But he cannot remove me and I continue to choke Stebbins before I tilt my head down and say, "Take it back, Roger. Tell me that Celeste is not a whore or I swear you'll leave here in pieces."

Roger's eyes bulge and spittle flies out of his mouth but he refuses to give in as he tries to pull my fingers away from him. Finally, his hands drop away and I hear him squeak, "Celeste…is…not…a…whore…"

I relent when he spits out the final word but I still sit on his chest as he tries to catch his breath. My head begins to sway as the sudden rush from my exertions end. I attempt to stand before a hand catches me and I hear a firm female voice say, "Remus"

Sliding off of Roger, I pull myself erect, nearly crying out as the excruciating pain returns to my side where my ribs are broken. I bow my head as Minerva McGonagall stares at me over her straight nose. Lifting up to meet her gaze after a moment, I say, "I'm sorry, Minerva."

"Meet me in my office," she scowls and walks past me and Roger to speak to Aberforth.

I stare sullenly at the floor, knowing I have fucked up before I make my way out of the Hogs Head and walk back to the school. I am not worried about losing my job, so much as disappointing Minerva and the fear that I could have killed Roger in my animalistic rage and these thoughts weigh heavily upon me as I enter the castle.

When I reach McGonagall's office, I plop myself into a chair and begin to think about my life and how far I have fallen in just a few days. I almost wish Celeste had never come into my life and I had just lived out my sedate, mundane existence….almost…but she has changed me in our short time together and now I do not know if it is for the better judging by how simply I let myself go when I attacked Stebbins.

"Remus," McGonagall's voice startles me out of my reverie. I twist my head and watch her purposefully stride to her chair and sit. Her brow is furrowed as she looks at me down her long, aristocratic nose and I wonder how much trouble I am in. She tents her fingers before she says, "What the hell happened?"

"I nearly killed Roger. That's it," I answer tiredly.

"Don't lie to me, Remus. Aberforth told me he attacked you and Roger confirmed it. Now, I want your story," McGonagall scowls as she slams a hand on her desk.

I sit up and feel a sharp jab in my side. Holding down my bile, I pull myself forward before I laugh bitterly, "You want the truth, Minerva? Well, it all began when Celeste Bertrand was hired. It seems that her and Roger found each other perfect and began a torrid affair and I found out. Something inside of me snapped and I convinced Celeste to take up with me before she left without telling me. Since then I've been drinking to ease my sorrow and what you saw tonight was Roger attempting to extract some retribution on me and my reaction."

"Roger attacked you?" Minerva asks hesitantly and I see her mind working through what I have told her. "Did you defend yourself?"

"No," I shake my head, feeling my jaw now begin to pulse as I stare at the angry, red welts forming on my wrists. "I would have let him kick my arse but he called Celeste a whore and I acted like a schoolboy then. I lost my mind."

"Did you love Celeste, Remus? I mean she is a Veela so you may have been duped," she states, her eyes now searching me in her curiosity. "I had thought you were pursuing Ms. Chittock."

"I didn't love Celeste and my feelings for her had nothing to do with her seducing me because she was a Veela. She made me feel alive," I reply acridly before I process the second part of her question. Looking down at the floor, I shake my head, "I ended things with Glenda the day Celeste left."

The headmistress sighs and sits back in her chair before she says in an exasperated tone, "You've put me in a tough position, Remus. I put Roger on administrative leave. I told him to pack his belongings and I would inform him whether he will have his position in a week. I based my information on Aberforth's testimony. He says you were clearly provoked and Roger attacked you first."

"I was just as much at fault and I could have killed him," I answer curtly.

"You've broken so many rules, Remus. The three of you have put yourself ahead of the school. Gods, Remus, if you had told me that you and Celeste had feelings for each other, I would have seen fit to relax the no fraternization rule because I've always felt its antiquated," Minerva answers while her eyes bore into mine.

"She left me, Minerva. She didn't feel shite," I snap, gripping the chair rests tightly. A sudden wave of exhaustion takes over before I sigh, "She didn't even say goodbye."

"I think you're wrong, Remus. Maybe she couldn't bring herself to say it," she replies.

"I'm just tired," I pinch the skin on my forehead, not caring if she is right as I feel the onslaught of a headache now.

"What would you like done about Roger? He did attack you," Minerva asks.

"I don't care," I say tersely. "I'm not pressing charges. When it comes to his job, he's an adequate teacher and the students like him but it's up to you to keep him or not."

The headmistress nods and says, "I also invited Celeste back also before I knew about all of this happening. I believe it would be best to send her a letter of termination."

"She's great at her job, Minerva and I don't think you'll see many issues from her anymore if she comes back," I answer.

"Why?" Minerva inquires but judging from the look on her features, I know she has a feeling about what my response will be to her.

"Because I'm resigning, so if she comes back, there will be no temptation or she will go back to Roger," I begin to stand

"You can't mean that," McGonagall replies.

I want to tell her that I would like to reconsider. Teaching is my passion….at least before Celeste appeared in my life. But my decision is made and I realize that a 'man' such as me cannot live in the world of humans. I had thought I found balance and acceptance but this past week has taught me that I am a danger to others and the part of me that Celeste released…that I exulted in with her will not be caged again and I fear after tonight what I am capable of doing to others.

Grinning, I reach across the table and pat her hand while I say, "I'm sorry, Minerva. I'll finish my duties but I've realized it's best if I left for everyone involved."

"Remus, please think this through," she responds as I walk toward the door.

"I have thought about it, Minerva. I'll have my letter of resignation to you soon," I reply as I walk out the door and a sudden chill overcomes me as I face the possibility of my life without the sanctuary that Hogwarts has become in my life.


"Dawn's Early Light" NC 17 for adult content

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Her chest heaves as she rides me, the exposure of her pale skin in the gossamer light of the moon breathtakingly beautiful. Her lithe body quivers as her teeth worry against her bottom lip, the rapture of her pleasure, rolling over her once more.

“You told Glenda about us?” Celeste asked, her features a mixture of confusion and happiness. She walked toward me across her room, her delicate feet crossing in front of each other as she continued, “How did she take it?”

“Glenda understood and wished us luck,” I replied while running my hands through my hair. It had been difficult to watch Glenda’s crestfallen features as I told her but in the end she wished me well and we departed as friends.

“Are you sure that’s what you want, Remus?” Celeste’s arms curled under mine as she pulled me toward her and I felt my heart skip a beat in excitement as it always does when I am with this beautiful woman.

“I’ve never been so sure in my life,” I grinned while I brought my lips against her.

Her hands fall against my chest, fingernails scrapping against my taut skin as I feel her inner muscles convulse around my cock. The velvety skin grips me tightly as if Celeste never wants to let me go. Her blue eyes glow in the dappled lunar light while she whimpers, “Remus…Goddess…Remus…I…”

Taking hold of her hips, I begin to piston my length into her, my hips rising off the soft loam of the forest floor to claim my union with Celeste who intoxicates me like no other woman ever has. My teeth clamp together as I feel the onslaught of my release upon me while I cry out, “Celeste, I’m close.”

My eyes close as I lose myself in the sensation, bucking into Celeste furiously before I feel her long fingers caressing my cheek. Opening my eyes, I stare in surprise as Celeste grazes her fingers over my jawline. I try to speak but her lips capturing mine stop me as she whispers, “Please hold off for a bit more, Remus.”

”Tonight, I want to make love to you in the Forbidden Forest,” Celeste’s voice murmured against the skin of my throat.

“Why should we go to the forest when we have a perfectly good bed right here,” I grinned, placing my arms around Celeste while hoping she would come to her senses and stay here in her lovely feathered bed.

“Because I want each of us to go home, Remus,” Celeste wrapped her arms around my neck as I nodded my head.

“The quiet is broken as a lone bird cries out, the wisps of sun light beginning to peek through the trees enveloping us while I roll Celeste over and press into her once more. She touches me, her hands scurrying over my body as she seemingly tries to memorize every angle and contour that makes up me. When she touches my ribs, I chuckle while I dig my fingers into the ground above her. Celeste laughs, the sound stilling the forest again as I say, “You know my ribs are my most vulnerable spot, Celeste.”

“I know a lot more about you, Remus Lupin,” she smiles almost wistfully and I tilt my head quizzically. But Celeste begins to buck her hips urgently and I begin to move until I match her rhythm once more, our bodies joined in perfect harmony.

”It’s perfect,” Celeste looked around in admiration as she took in the small glade which surrounded us now. I opened my senses to the forest, hearing the brook near us cascade down a small decline, the smell of the air crisp as it sang its furtive plea through the gently moving branches before I finally touched Celeste who has now become one with the forest where I once found my solace.

“It’s where I used to run when I was in school with my friends. I haven’t been back here since they all died,” I say, while I turned away from Celeste and ran my hand over a mossy rock. The voices of the past echo around me…Padfoot, Prongs, and Wormtail calling my name.

“Remus,” Her voice jerked me out of the past and I pivoted in time to watch her robes fall away from her body, her ivory skin luminescent in the soft glow of the moonlight. I found my eyes roaming over her, drinking in every soft curve, the tumble of her blonde hair framing her face as she cast her eyes demurely down toward the floor below her as she said simply, “I need you.”

“Gods,” I begin to move my cock inside her relentlessly, her gasps sounding out as she meets each one of my thrusts. Celeste’s legs wrap around me, holding me closely to her and I realize for some reason she needs this even more than me.

“Come for me, Remus,” Celeste says softly, watching me closely, her eyes darting to and fro across my features.

Nodding, I feel my body tense as a torturous wave of passion cascades over me, my every nerve singing in joy. Her hands wrap around my shoulders, seemingly controlling my movements and I drive my cock deeply into her, spilling inside Celeste as I cry out, “Merlin, you’re perfect…”

Her eyes close and she hums quietly while she her inner walls grip me, taking from me everything I have to offer. I stay inside Celeste until I soften before I roll over and stare up into the brightening sky. I feel her finger trace across my chest before I glance at her and she smiles, “I didn’t think we’d make love all night long. But I have to get back now.”

“I wish you didn’t because I could stay out here all day long,” I sigh as I watch her stand and find her gown. Groaning I begin to dress before I add, “But I have some work also.”

After we clean up and make ourselves presentable, we walk back to the castle, holding hands until we emerge from the forest. Still, we walk next to each other even though my logical mind tells me that we should enter the castle separate. But I do not want to lose this moment and we stroll in amiable silence, entering the school. The corridors are still empty and we both unconsciously slow down before I finally ask, “Why did you want to go to the Forest, Celeste?”

“Because I know that is where you belong, Remus…that is where I belong,” Celeste replies before she turns suddenly, wrapping her arms around my neck in front of the Great Hall.

“I think you’re right. It felt like home,” I answer with a smile.

“Yes, I wish it was home,” Celeste responds as she kisses me softly before our passion deepens, my pulse quickening while she holds me tightly to her. She finally releases me before she says quietly, “Goodbye, Remus.”

“I’ll see you for lunch,” I say jauntily but she does not hear me as she walks away.

Returning to my quarters, I take a luxurious shower, replaying in my mind every moment of my night of making love with Celeste. I cannot help but smile as I spend the day closing out my paperwork from the last school year. Before I know it, the hours have flown by and it is time to meet Celeste once more.

Trying not to display my eagerness too much, I move quickly down the corridor before I enter the Great Hall. Looking toward the head table, I am dismayed not to see Celeste there. A hand claps on my back and I turn to see Professor Stebbins smiling at me before he asks, “Are you looking for Celeste?”

“I’m here to eat,” I counter but his eyes still smile at me wickedly.

“Cut the shite, Remus. You’re looking for her now,” Roger answers.

Regaining my composure, I ask, “Do you know where she is, Stebbins?”

“I saw her walking down the pathway out of the school, Remus. She told me goodbye which I guess is more than she told you,” Roger cackles. He walks by me before he turns and hisses, “You can ask McGonagall but she is gone and it serves you right, Remus.”

Roger strolls casually toward the head table and it becomes deathly quiet around me before I hear the distinct sound of my heart breaking.


Early Bird June 22nd NC 17

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The dream is wonderful…I am sitting at the lake near Hogwarts and something golden flashes just out of my vision. My eyes dart over and I see a Galleon curving lazily toward the pond to splash in the water before sinking into the murky depths. A light laugh sounds next to me and I glance over, knowing what to expect. The dream has been the same for years since Dora left me. Except for the first time ever, Dora has been replaced and lying next to me on the blanket is the beautiful woman who has shared my bed since our breakthrough this past weekend.

Suddenly, she is in front of me and I feel her mouth sink down onto my length. Her blue eyes glint in the sunlight and for once, I am at peace. My head tosses back when her tongue lolls against the tip and I moan softly,

“Remus.” My eyes open when I hear my name called out in amusement and as I try to blink away my surprise, I see through my sleep induced haze the lovely visage of Celeste in the flesh before me. It seems that my dream held a good bit of reality in it and I sigh when Celeste licks the underside of my cock.

“Gods woman, are you trying to kill me?” I hiss through clenched teeth as my hand tangles in her hair.

“No, I woke up and he was already awake, so I decided to play with him,” Celeste answers mischievously before she dips her head down once more, enveloping my erection in the warmth of her mouth.

The sensation of her teeth scraping against me and the feel of her tongue swirling over every millimeter of my erection drives me toward the edge. I prop myself on my elbows and watch as she continues to bob her head up and down before I say, “You are going to drive this old man into the grave.”

Celeste chuckles and the vibration from her throat strums along my length, driving me to pleasures I have never thought possible. She swallows my cock, her tongue doing deliciously wicked things as her hand reaches around to cup my bottom, pulling me toward her.

My body begins to shake as my impending release announces its appearance but Celeste pulls her mouth off of my cock, suckling on the head before she curls her hand around my erection. She admires my hardness for a moment before she grins wickedly, “I have found that there is nothing old about you, Professor Lupin, except those grey hairs on your head.”

“That’s not what you were saying last week,” I snicker but she is right. This woman who bewitched and berated me at the same time has brought out a virility in me that I did not think possible. She makes me feel young again and in the few nights we have spent together, I know that I have changed. I find myself no longer trying to separate my man and beast when I am with Celeste. As I stare deep into her eyes when we make love, I know she embraces both equally and in that, I have found my own acceptance of who I am.

I need her now….she has always been able to stoke a fire in me and now I let it consume me without hesitation. She drops her head again, the intensity of her stare melting me as her tongue darts out to taste the flesh of my cock again. But I want more and I give myself over to the beast within me. The growl that emanates from my throat startles Celeste and her eyes level to meet mine before I watch them flicker with desire.

My body tenses as her nails scrape slowly along the inside of my thighs and I realize that I cannot take much more of this torture. I nearly howl my lust as I hear Celeste gasp when I sit up and suddenly fold my arms around her. The next few moments are a blur but when my human mind returns to me, I am astonished to see Celeste lying below as my cock nestles between her thighs.

I take a deep breath, fighting for control as Celeste reaches up and runs her thumb along my jawline before she says, “You can have me any way you want, Remus. I am yours.”

Her words shock me once more but I see the sincerity cross her features as she speaks to me. I do not know how to respond to her simple declaration because I want to tell her that my wolf within me recognized her as my mate when we first met….she is the one I have waited a lifetime to meet and she made every hardship I endured worthwhile. I want to tell her that she confuses me, she intoxicates me, she impassions me as no woman ever has in my life and I know…I just know.

I wonder if she can see it in my eyes…because I can see that there is something more in hers. Every night since the ball she has spent with me…both of us rushing here once the day ends and neither of us wanting to leave when the first faint rays of the new day beckons.

“I want you like this,” I whisper while pushing my hips forward until my cock stabs into her. A soulful moan tears from her throat at my intrusion and her hands wrap around me, pulling me to her until I fill her completely.

“I’m glad,” she smiles before I feel her heels dig into my back. Her eyes close and she begins to rock her body sensuously as we find our rhythm instinctively, knowing what the other needs.

I angle my hips, making sure my cock drags along her clit with every thrust. She moans when I dip my head, taking an erect nipple into my mouth and rolling it between my teeth. I drive into Celeste once more, feeling her body clench around me as I move within her. My breathing comes in ragged gasps as she begins to buck her hips against me, her response to my actions again exactly what I need. It is as if she already knows me and somehow, we were fated to be together in this life.
My fingers graze over her porcelain skin, brushing against her cheek until I find a stray lock of hair and move it away from her forehead. Her smile in reply to this most innocent of movements causes my heart to seize and in a moment of ardor, I whisper earnestly, “You’re beautiful, love.”

Celeste pauses, her legs dropping off my back and I wonder what I have done to cause her to react in such a way. Her fingers thread into my hair before she passes the back of her hand against my grizzled morning shadow as her azure colored orbs find mine. Her eyes question me, searching for something and my features show my concern before she says tentatively, “I’m sorry, it was something you said.”

“What?” I ask, my mind replaying our conversation. The phrase dawns on me and I chuckle, “Surely men have called you beautiful, Celeste.”

“It wasn’t that…men have called me beautiful many times,” she responds. Celeste shakes her head slowly from side to side before she continues, “It’s just that you said it with such…passion…I liked it and then…”

“Then you thought I said…” I ask quietly.

“Yes, you know it’s never been like this for me but...” Celeste answers and skims her fingers over my lips.

“I know…it’s different…but there couldn’t be any way,” I reply after kissing the tips of her fingers. I leave the question I want to ask unsaid because it has played in my mind whether this could already be more than either of us thought but I just don’t know…yet.

“No…I don’t believe it could happen,” she responds but I blink quickly, wondering if I truly heard the moment of hesitation in her voice.

Still, when she begins to move beneath me, her body arching into mine, pleading with me to continue, I realize that now is not the time to speculate on the concept of love happening so soon. I spent most of my life avoiding the idea and I refuse to believe it could happen between two people so tainted by the world this quickly. I banish the thought from my mind as Celeste writhes below me and I realize that what I have with her now is better than anything I could ever dare to dream.

I growl softly as I lift off of her and place her legs over my shoulders, plunging my cock deeply inside her with one forward thrust of my hips. She groans in response, her every movement now in tune with me and we find our harmonious balance quickly, each of giving in to what has become inevitable between us…the fevered passion we share as lovers.

My cock pummels her relentlessly, our pace increasing as the familiar sound of our bodies coming together echoes off the wall, announcing our pleasure. Celeste is helpless beneath my assault and her body begins to shiver as I see the telltale signs of her impending release. I feel the sweat trickle down my face as we both begin to move, each of us so close to attaining our pleasure. She stares at me, her eyes silently asking me what I need and a desperation overtakes me as I cry out, “Come for me, love.”

This time, she does not question my words. Instead, Celeste lets them course over her as she bites her lower lip. Her body tenses before an inexorable shudder runs through her and her back bows under the tumultuous pressure of her orgasm. Her head thrashes back and forth as she quivers below me before she yells out, “Goddess, Remus.”

The first tightening of her inner muscles against my cock sends me soaring and I cannot hold back any longer before I sheathe myself completely within Celeste, my body goes rigid with the agony of my completion before the ecstasy washes over me when I finally spill inside of her. My body trembles and I feel her walls grip my length again, holding me to her while I groan, “Celeste.”

After a moment, I return to earth with Celeste and withdraw myself from her. She sighs at the loss but nestles against me when I lie next to her. When I look at her, she grins contentedly before I notice that the room is still dark and I ask, “What time is it?”

“It’s around 4:30 in the morning and I wanted to see if a saying was true,” Celeste grins wickedly. I almost sputter when she tells me the time but when her hand reaches for my length and begins to move her fingers up and down again, I am speechless. She leans her body against mine, kissing my chest before she adds, “Someone once told me that the early bird always gets the worm.”


"Retribution" NC-17 for adult content, June 6th

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“Fucking take it now,” I growl while my cock pistons into her cunt and I watch her knees wobble as her breasts press against the mattress with every powerful thrust of my length. Her arse pushes into the air as she tries to rise to her hands but I do not let her, instead I take hold of her long hair and force her upper body into the bed again. She grabs onto the headboard, her fingers threaded through the iron filigree bars, a death’s grip against my intrusion and now I realize that my beast has been set free as we rut like one of my kind should.

“Remus…Remus,” she murmurs my name over and over, her body a vessel to cleanse my tormented soul. I want to kiss her, to gain control of that which drives me but I cannot, my rage has been held back for too long and now he must be given reign to possess the woman below me.

“Touch yourself. I want you to come on my cock,” my voice is harsh now, devoid of all compassion as all my energy is focused on the fiery passion of this moment.

“Yes,” she hisses as her hand dives between her legs and I feel her knuckles drag against my balls while she furiously curls her fingers over her clit. I pull myself out again, mauling her hips as my fingertips dig into her, the alabaster skin an angry red while my hold on her tightens. The head of my cock slips out of her and I bring my hand off her hip to fist it tightly, running it against her puckered arsehole while she buries her head into the mattress and pleads, “No, please…gods, Remus…I’m not ready…later…I promise.”

Her words cut through my lustful haze and I shake my head to loosen my stupor before I push my cock into her cunt again in one powerful thrust. Her head flies dangerously close to the headboard as I begin to pummel her…her reprieve now done while my wolf takes over once more.

The back of her hand touches me again and her assault upon her clitoris gains in ferocity. Reaching down, I tangle my fingers in her hair, pulling her head back to me as a sharp gasp tears from her throat. Leaning over, I lick the shell of her ear as I allow my brutal ravaging of her cunt to slacken, now my cock sinking into her in smooth, even strokes before I state simply, “I told you to come. You are not listening to me.”

She nods and I am pleased when I feel her body convulse, a sharp, biting series of shudders and quivers beginning to roll over her. I know she is mine now and I reward her when I bring my mouth to the tender flesh in the juncture of her throat and shoulder and mark her as my territory for the world to see. I can feel her heartbeat as my teeth sink into her and for a brief moment, I wonder if she worries she will become one like me.

“Remus…REMUS,” she falls apart, her knees nearly giving out but I do not allow her this simple pleasure as my needs have not been fulfilled. Instead my boon is granted to this woman when I pound into her again, my pace remorseless, never allowing her a moment’s respite as every frustration I have felt since our last encounter pours into my every thrust.

Her body is savaged by a tumultuous tremor that runs the width and breadth of her body and I hiss loudly when her hand falls away from her clit to cup my balls, rolling them between her fingers, giving to me even as she is wracked by her own pleasure. The wave of ecstasy gripping her body finally leaves her and I twist her head toward me, kissing her softly on the cheek, rewarding her for complying with my demands as I chuckle, “That’s a good girl, but I’m going to fuck you now until you tell me you’re my whore.”

“I am, Remus. I’m whatever you want me to be…your slut,” she proclaims as she places her hands under her and lifts her body upwards, preparing herself for me again. “I want you to come…make me yours.”

Her words ignite a base need in me and I plunge my cock into her, feeling her cunt contract around me as our last encounter plays over in my mind…my room…the loathing…the lust…the thin line between love and hate firing my blood as it is etched indelibly into my mind.

My thoughts echo back to that point in time, the moment that will now be gone forever. All I have is this….and I have grown to accept it. I feel my cock begin to expand as she throws herself back against me, her actions wanton, reckless, everything I desire…I need. But once more, thoughts of that night play in my mind and suddenly, an utter contempt enters my soul and I realize that this reward so freely given is not deserved….and I pull my hardness out of her enveloping warmth while I yell, “Fuck you…”

I lean back on my knees and grip my cock tightly with my hand, sliding my fingers along my length, feeling the slick wetness coating it as I brush my thumb over the engorged head and wince at the intense pleasure-pain of my ministrations. I groan loudly but time seems to stand still when I feel the gentle caress of her hair against my perspiration-soaked thighs and I stare down in shock at her upturned face as she begs, “Let me taste you, please Remus.”

I do not want her here but my last vestige of control has already left me and with a sharp grunt, my cock erupts, molten lava leaving my core in hot, wet spurts that land in a random pattern over her face, her hair, her heaving chest while also entering her open mouth in a tangled cord that she laps at greedily. I find myself overcome with dismay at this sordid display as her tongue flicks out and runs over the tip of my erection while I sigh, “Stop, Glenda…please…I’m so sorry…”

My body still shivers from our exertions but I pull my length away from her, disgraced by my actions against this gentle creature. Her features are still covered by my shame and I turn and sit on the edge of bed, placing my head in my hands.

“It’s fine, Remus. You needed that,” Her arm curls around my neck after a moment and when I turn toward her, I am relieved to see she has at least wiped herself off. “I knew when you Owled me that something was wrong, but I’m glad you were able to meet me…I’m here for whatever you need. But I wish you’d tell me, what is wrong?”

“I shouldn’t have treated you like that. You deserve better,” I moan while I bring my hand to her face and run my thumb along her jaw line.

“It was…interesting. But I enjoy the gentle lover, Remus Lupin. I won’t be able to walk right for a week because of that,” Glenda laughs and nuzzles her lips against my cheek.

I shake my head, wondering how even after finding the willpower to force Celeste out of my life, she has the power to possess me. I did not intend this to happen when I Owled Glenda to meet me at the Leaky Cauldron. I wanted to consummate the new chapter in my life that I want to begin with her but instead, the image of Celeste standing outside my wardrobe, touching herself as she watched Glenda and me make love, fired my soul and led me to wreck havoc upon Glenda with my callous and crude display.

“I am sorry, Glenda. That won’t happen again,” I reply with a bitter chuckle.

“What’s wrong?” she asks and I am touched that even with my disgusting act, she finds it in her heart to care for me.

“I…are you sure you want to be with me? You see how I can get close to the Full,” I ask, wanting to change the topic of conversation from my issues.

“I know you bit me but it means nothing. You didn’t break the skin and if you did, I wouldn’t mind if it brought us closer. I want you, Remus…,” she feels her neck for my mark and when I gaze at the area, I am glad to see her words are true.

“Thank you, Glenda,” I answer, the words I should say catching in my throat as I instead give her an absolutely non-committal response. But my words seem to satisfy her and I lean backwards onto the bed, bringing her body with me as thoughts of what the future holds play over and over in my mind…


"Watching" May 24th, NC 17 for Sexual Content

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Being on patrol is a necessary burden but I have come to relish my time alone in deserted hallways of Hogwarts. Of course, I fulfill my duty as a professor by pointing out the various misdeeds of students in the corridors but lately, that line which defines proper and improper has been skewed for me by the enigmatic Celeste Bertrand who has enticed me to sully my reputation on two separate occasions.

I detest her with a rare vehemence but on the other hand, I cannot keep my hands off of her. She has become my temptress, ruining my sedate life of academia that I had become so fond of in the past few years. Yet, despite her obvious faults, she has released in me a passion that I have not felt since I was with Dora and that was only rarely when I allowed that which I keep under rein to emerge.

But I still find myself avoiding her at every turn, not wanting to succumb to her seduction again. I know what she is and why she has this hold on me but I cannot help myself when I am around her in a situation that allows the opportunity for us to engage in sexual relations.

“Fuck,” I mutter quietly while walking down the stairs toward the Dungeons. It would have been so much easier for me had Celeste never come into my life. I would have been content with Glenda instead of wondering when my next encounter with Ms. Bertrand would occur.

A distinctive moan catches my attention, pulling me out of my own morose thoughts and I bring my wand to ready, preparing to cast a ‘Lumos’ spell. But I notice quickly that the wall sconce on this particular corridor has not been extinguished and a dim flicker of light dances wanly on the bricks opposite it.

Walking around the corner, I am just about to announce my presence when to my dismay, I recognize the couple that I wanted to stop now enjoined together. It seems that Celeste and the man who loves her, Roger Stebbins have decided to expand their horizons and begin to use parts of the castle for their coupling.

Backing around the corner, I know I should pursue one of two options. I should walk in on them and suspend Roger indefinitely for violating school policy. Then I would need to also fire Celeste and as much as I loathe her, I still desire her too greatly to take that choice. Also the fact that it would be hypocritical to terminate Roger for committing the same act I did a few days ago stops me. My other option is to simply leave but I find that I am unable to complete this simple task either. It seems that I am riveted in place watching the woman I desire move against the man she should stay with forever.

Celeste’s robes lie askew on her body, the bottom half tossed back haphazardly on the statue’s edge she has hoisted herself upon. Her dress is open, her pale bosom still encased in a white bra while her knickers dangle near her sensible shoes, threatening to fall off her foot…but I know this is not the first time that Celeste Bertrand has been in this situation, so I am sure she knows how to make sure her clothing stays unsullied.

Roger, on the other hand looks as nervous as a rat in a room full of Kneazles. His trousers are yanked down to his upper thighs and he nearly trips as he approaches her. Although from my angle I cannot see his arousal, I am surprised when Celeste reaches down between them and guides Roger into her as she simpers seductively, “We must hurry, Roger.”

I try to look away but it is at that moment that Celeste stares at me, a playful glint in her eyes. I lock my gaze with hers, not allowing her any sign of victory in what I know is another one of her perverse games. She licks her lips, clearly ignoring Roger as she performs solely for me now, as if this will somehow hurt me. But I know that Celeste is one of those ‘women’ who uses sex as a weapon, as a tool to get what she wants and right now, she is repaying me for my callous treatment of her during our last encounter.

Still, even armed with this knowledge, I feel a twinge of jealousy when I know that Roger has entered her and the small gasp of pleasure torn from her lips is reserved for him solely as he fills her. Despite my best efforts, my trousers tent in the front as my own need grows but I refuse to pull myself out and wank openly even if that is what I want…I will not grant Celeste that satisfaction.

Roger thrusts erratically into Celeste after her command as she tries to establish a rhythm with the obviously less experienced young man. He places his head on her shoulder while his hands grip her hips loosely as he ignores her attempt to establish a tempo and continues to drive himself into Celeste without much heed for her need. His hands wander up her back as he groans, “I’m close, Celeste.”

I almost chuckle at his words, the inexperience of youth leading him too quickly to his completion. He rocks against her, his pace quickening as his need overwhelms him and with a small whimper, he buries himself inside Celeste.

Celeste almost looks surprised at Roger’s actions as her eyes open wide in astonishment before she leans her head back, and cries out her release. Yet, even as her arms wrap around Roger, pulling him closer, I realize that this show is still for my benefit…I have seen Celeste Bertrand in the throes of an orgasm and this is not the way she reacts to her passion overcoming her. Still, once they have each completed their ritual, I can only think that she looks singularly beautiful as she sighs, “So good.”

“Did you even…I’m sorry, Celeste, I guess the excitement got to me. It’s always been a fantasy of mine to shag in the dungeons. But I’m glad Professor Lupin didn’t catch us. He’s infamous for patrolling these corridors,” Roger stumbles away while pulling up his trousers and I almost feel a smug satisfaction at Celeste’s slight look of disappointment. He straightens himself up before he leans in and kisses Celeste who seems to return his passion in a half hearted manner. When he pulls away from her, I watch him grin, “I need to get upstairs to start patrolling. I’ll be off in three hours if you’d like to meet me. I promise it’ll be better.”

She smiles tightly at him but I do not catch her answer before I begin to move back down the corridor in a hurried manner. I don’t want Roger finding out that I watched him make love to Celeste, albeit quite quickly. When I reach a nexus where four corridors meet, I walk toward the Slytherin common room, knowing that Stebbins will not venture down here.

When I think he has passed me, I return to the hallway I was following originally, making my way back to my chambers after I decide that it would probably not be a good idea to meet Stebbins now. He will just need to take the initiative without my orders and begin patrolling himself.

“Professor Lupin,” Celeste calls out and I find myself wincing noticeably. But I do not stop as I continue to stride down the hall since I am definitely not in the mood to speak to her right now after her latest cruelty.

“Good night, Ms. Bertrand,” I say loudly without turning around as I try to pick up my pace and escape her while I pass the Great Hall.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Celeste inquires as I slow down, my anger now starting to well.

I desperately do not want to become involved in any more of her games, so I reply in a fierce tone, “If you mean you whoring yourself out to Stebbins, the answer is ‘no’.”

“Then why did you stay for the entire time?” Celeste asks innocently while she catches up to me.

“I didn’t have time to leave since it was over with so quickly,” I respond flippantly while we slow down. Spinning around and facing her, I add, “I don’t even think you had the time to climax, Celeste.”

She puts her hands together behind her back while she replies, “Since you were watching so intently, I’m sure you saw me at the end.”

“You faked it for my viewing pleasure, luv,” I chuckle lightly before I step closer.

Celeste looks up at me, a definite look of defiance in her deep blue eyes before she answers, “I did no such thing, I have no need to do that with Roger.”

“Is that true? Let’s test that then,” I counter while taking Celeste by the arms and pushing her back against the wall near one of the staircase.

She groans a complaint when I rip apart the bottom part of her robe and my hands stray below her dress. I am mildly annoyed to find that she has put on her knickers again and I curl my hand into the crotch area and tear them away from Celeste’s body, feeling a momentary triumph. I shake my head before I grin ferally, “I don’t want you wearing knickers if you come to see me anymore.”

Celeste does not respond until I place my thumb over her clit and begin twirl it roughly while two of my fingers enter her and I find myself thankful that Celeste at least had the foresight to cast a cleansing charm on herself after Stebbins. I hear her moan loudly when I stab my digits into her sharply and drag the nail of my thumb over her nub. A grim satisfaction washes over me when Celeste begins to shudder soon after I begin my ministrations and with a startled gasp, she encounters the beginnings of her first orgasm of the night while she hisses, “Goddess, Remus.”

I continue to shove my fingers viciously into her while I bring my other hand down and begin to fumble with my zip clumsily. Freeing my cock, I feel it spring free before Celeste’s pleasure has run its course. But I cannot wait and I remove my fingers from her before lifting Celeste up the wall. I sheathe myself completely between her folds with one violent thrust and watch as her heads lolls to the side, the sensation of my cock inside her combined with her orgasm still running rampant over her, almost too much.

But her ankles still click around my lower back and she curves her arms around my neck tightly as I drive into her brutally, my own need now controlling my every decision. Her body goes limp, a vessel for me to use as I please, while she recovers from her release and I take full advantage, pistoning my cock into her at a frantic pace, each thrust met by a prolonged moan torn from her throat.

“Come for me again, Celeste,” I growl honey sweet in her ear before it is my turn to be astonished when her mouth covers mine and her tongue delves between my lips to begin a sensuous dance with mine. Our passion deepens and I find myself unable to ravish her while she kisses me. Instead of the ill-tempered passion of a moment before, our bodies begin to move together now while Celeste whimpers softly, each surge of my cock into her now greeted by her cunt pulsing around me, imploring me to stay within her walls.

She cries out into my mouth and I hold Celeste to me while her muscles clench around my hardness and I feel a tumultuous tremble roil over her, causing Celeste to finally throw her head back, thankfully holding back any loud acknowledgement of her climax and instead biting her bottom lip harshly. Her head falls forward while a particularly lengthy tremor grips her before she murmurs, “Circe, Remus, please…now.”

Her words of encouragement urge me on and after her walls tighten around me one last time, I plunge into Celeste and with a loud grunt, I come, spilling deeply inside her. My cock stays buried within her as I feel my legs nearly give away. Still, I do not want to move since it will mean losing this moment with Celeste.

But eventually, I realize that this too must end and I pull out of her, sliding her gently down the wall. The animalistic fury of a moment ago leaves me while I tuck my softening erection back into my boxers and zip my trousers again. I watch Celeste compose herself, her breathing returning to normal and for a moment, I want to ask her if she wants to continue our encounter in my chambers. But then I realize that she already has an offer from Stebbins and I have no want to fight that battle.

Celeste stares at me as I straighten my robes, both of us at a loss for words before I decide to do what is best and say simply, “Good night, Ms. Bertrand,” before I pivot away from her and make my way down sullenly back to my room.


"Duty Calls" NC 17 for Sexual Content May 15

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“Tell me you want it.” I growl quietly while leaning behind Celeste, my hand reaching down under her robes to caress her arse through her knickers. Her breathing quickens as my fingernail traces over the bottom swell of her buttocks.

“Are you sure about this?” Celeste replies as she stands, her body flat against the wall, hands splayed out as I push against her from behind. She grins, a smug look of satisfaction crossing her features as we stand in the old Transfiguration classroom, the flickering flame of one candle breaking up the inky darkness which threatens to envelop us. She swivels her head and looks at me, her gaze filled with desire as she asks calmly, “Aren’t you breaking the rules, Professor?”

Pivoting her body around quickly, I turn her toward me, grasping her shoulders tightly. I smile malevolently while I say, “Apparently, you don’t know me very well. I may enforce them now but when I was at school, I was probably more liberal with the rules than anyone except Fred and George Weasley.”

She scowls at the mention of the twins for some reason before she asks, “But what about all those students in the hall you write detention slips for this type of act?”

I laugh sharply at the irony of her remark. Celeste has been goading me for since we first had sex in my chambers. I have given into her already and I realize now that I will every time. So when she approached me on my way to relieve Stebbins for midnight duty, I knew that it was useless to resist her and I decided to take the initiative. The next thing I knew, I had her pushed against the wall, my hand skimming over her the smooth curve of her buttocks.

My mind returns to the present as hand reaches down between us, while I lean forward and whisper simply, “I’m not a student.”

Celeste gasps when my hand slides into her knickers, my fingers quickly finding her clit. A moan tears from her throat as her body slowly grinds against my hand while she breathes huskily, “I could end this all right now, Remus. One cry of rape would stop you.”

“Is that what you want?” I ask in a honeyed growl. Her breathing becomes shallow as she leans her head backward. When she exposes the pale white column of her neck, my mouth descends on the tender flesh, my lips trailing over her causing Celeste to tremble with desire.

Her bottom lip quivers as I kiss over her jawline lightly. Her hands run up my side before she simpers, “No, that will not do right now…”

Her head lolls further back while her thighs clench around my hand, holding it in place while her fingers fumble beneath my robes. I step away, gazing upon my wanton beauty, the wild eyed look telling me that she will never be tamed and if I want her, I will always need to understand that.

She looks at me quizzically as I bring my fingers to my mouth, tasting Celeste on my lips before I command, “Strip.”

Celeste complies immediately, her hands working the buttons of her robe and soon it lies in a puddle on the floor. She steps forward, a questioning look in her eyes while I let my eyes wander over her. Her gaze is full of seduction as she inquires, “Shall I continue?”

I do not hear her for a moment as I drink in her beauty. But as she steps closer, I try to remain calm while I reply, “Keep going, I want to see all of you.”

My eyes feast upon her as the plain blue dress she is wearing falls to the floor and she stands there in her white bra and knickers. I nod at the beautiful woman in front of me as she strips off her bra and walks up to me before she curls her arms around my neck and teases, “Do you like what you see, Professor?”

“Yes, I do, Celeste,” I reply gruffly while I guide her toward the teacher’s desk a few steps away from me. Still, as I lift her onto the desk, I notice that she has neglected my simple command and while she leans back on her elbows, a look of fierce anticipation on her features, I reach up and take hold of her knickers, tearing them from her body while I say, “You disobeyed, so now these are mine.”

Celeste seems startled for a moment while I shove the knickers in my trousers before I unzip them and they drop to my knees. She forgets about her torn underclothing as sits up and wraps her hand around my erection before she purrs, “I’m glad that you think so highly of me.”

“You have beautiful tits,” I murmur as my hands skim along the side of her body until they cup her firm breasts. She shivers when my thumbs run over her dusty rose tipped nipples and I see the small goose bumps rising on her skin. Celeste moans at my attention but I can see in her eyes that this is not what she wants.

Her hand drops away from my cock when I allow two fingers to glide down her abdomen and nestle against her clit. I twirl my fingers over the sensitive skin and hear a soft cooing sound tear from Celeste’s throat. Taking two fingers, I thrust them into her cunt while I graze my thumb over her nub. She pushes against my hand, her body shivering as it prepares to welcome the onset of her orgasm. Still, as she bites her trembling bottom lip, she asks, “Are you going to take all night? I have other obligations.”

I frown at her words, wishing I had some snappy retort but she has made it clear that I am nothing more than a distraction while she seeks a relationship with Stebbins. Besides, I am not sure if I want anything more from her and once I gather my willpower, I will stop this and devote myself fully to Glenda. Judging from her sardonic smile, in the end, we are nothing more than a good time for each other. So be it.

“Feel free to leave at any time,” I comment while using all my resolve to remove my fingers from her knickers.

Her thighs clamp shut, holding my hand in place while she moans, “I’ll make time, Professor.”

“Come for me then,” I nod slowly, mesmerized by the glint of seduction still in her eyes. Grinning wickedly, I allow my hand to return to its previous machinations as Celeste sighs her contentment. My cock grows even harder as it drags against her inner thigh. She reaches down and brushes her fingers over it almost reverently before she throws her head back, her groan seemingly melodic as it echoes off the wall as her release streams over her, the sudden swell of emotion and ecstasy heightening my own need.

“Remus,” The single word tearing from her throat the only platitude I will receive tonight for my efforts. My hand rides out her passion, my thumb constantly swirling over her clit while my fingers push into her frantically. Her body tenses as she cups my face, pulling me toward her while her mouth meets mine, the urgency of her kiss not lost upon me while I allow her orgasm to continue to play over her.

A final shudder wends its way over her as our kiss deepens and I take my hand away before I guide my cock into her, the warmth of her body welcoming me as my length plunges between her folds. My fingers dig into her waist while she moans into my mouth and I wonder for a brief second if this fervor is reserved just for me or does she share it with all her other lovers. The thought enrages me slightly and I feel my beast begin to rumble deep within me, urging me to claim Celeste Bertrand as my own.

Yet, I know this will never come to pass, so instead I drive my cock into Celeste brutally, her body welcoming my every thrust with a graceful ease. I continue my frantic movement as her tongue plunders my mouth, as she is seemingly unwilling to allow her lips to leave mine. I feel my heart soar at the thought that in this one kiss, she truly shows me the need she has for me but then I remember that once this ends, she will join Stebbins and I will once more be left alone.

I break our kiss, her eyes opening wide in surprise while I pull her hips forward. Celeste’s arse hangs threateningly over the edge of the desk, forcing her to wrap her legs around my waist as I force down my disappointment and smirk, “You’re a horny little slut, Celeste. I hope Stebbins gets the same treatment.”

She flinches slightly at my words and the look of tempered passion that infuriates me so badly returns as her now superior gaze bores into me. I find myself wanting to remove the haughty smirk from her features and I begin to piston my cock into her relentlessly, the remorseless surge causing her to lift off the desk with every thrust.

When my fingers delve between us, once more finding her nub, the restraint she once showed melts away again and the fiery passion replaces her attempt at remaining somewhat stoic. Her body starts to gyrate against me, the gentle undulation matching my rhythm perfectly, our bodies becoming one.

We rock together, my need building until my body begins to shiver, the intensity of the moment overwhelming me. Celeste cries out, her inner muscles pulsing around me as her hands reach around me and I feel her nails dig furrows into my back. The stuttering shudder running through her removes the last vestiges of my control and with a loud groan, I sheathe myself fully and spill deep inside her. My hand flies involuntarily to her face as I watch her climax ebb over her before I brush a lock of hair from her head and moan, “Lovely...”

Celeste leans against my touch, while our orgasms wash away from us. I lean heavily against her, our breathing disjointed and I find myself wanting nothing more than to stay with her right now, to hold her close to me. But then I realize that this is more than my relationship with Celeste will amount to now and forever.

Staggering backwards, I pull away quickly from her as a look of astonishment crosses her features. Pulling up my trousers, I try to compose myself before she asks, “Where are you going?”

I straighten my robes and clothing before I look at her with a hint of disappointment on my features while I reply, “I need to hurry up and go on duty, so Stebbins can replace me.”


"First Time" NC 17 for Adult Content May 3, 2006

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”STEBBINS, what are you doing?”

“Don’t worry, Professor Lupin. The students wanted something a bit more advanced. They are fine.”

“Watch OUT!!”


I awaken groggily, my mind replaying the last words that I remember before the stunning spell coursed through my body. I lift my head and a shooting pain in my temples causes my vision to go blurry. I try to focus on the person sitting next to me but I cannot see them clearly. Closing my eyes tightly again, I feel the pain subside before I lick my parched lips and grunt, “Where the hell am I?”

“In the hospital wing,” a familiar voice says flatly and I almost find myself flinching away as she touches my forehead with the back of her hand. Yet, her gentle caress is soothing and I sigh quietly in contentment when she presses her hand against my hair.

”GLENDA!!” The last words I yelled suddenly come to the forefront of my mind and I turn to Celeste before I groan, “Ms. Chittock, how is she?”

“She’s fine. You took the brunt of the bolt,” Celeste replies while pulling her hand away quickly. “It seems you’re the hero, Professor.”

“I turned to yell at her and the bloody spell hit me in the back,” I groan as my facilities begin to return and a clearer picture of what happened comes to mind. Turning my head, I add, “There was nothing heroic about stumbling into a stunning spell.”

The events which led to my injury now become distinct and I am quiet for a moment as I reflect on what occurred.

Glenda was looking for a feel good first day story and I told her about ‘Dumbledore’s Army’, the banned secret organization that was formed by Harry Potter and how it is now recognized as an official club at the school. The club was formed for sixth and seventh year students who wanted to learn basic defensive spells. I worked with them normally but this week I had handed the duties to Professor Stebbins since I was busy escorting Glenda around campus.

She was excited to see the group in action and we walked over to the field by the Quidditch Pitch to watch the students who were supposed to be working on honing their basic spellwork. To my surprise, Stebbins had taken it upon himself to teach the students a very complicated stunning spell.

I left Glenda at the edge of the field and began to walk toward Stebbins while I cupped my hands and yelled, “STEBBINS, what are you doing?”

I swore softly as I approached the group. The club was supposed to be reviewing basic curses like Petrification Charms and so forth today and this spell was not on the list. Stebbins spotted me as I walked toward him and shouted in return, ““Don’t worry, Professor Lupin. The students wanted something a bit more advanced. They’re fine.”

“Watch OUT!” A female voice cried out and an errant violet flash of light headed in the general direction of Glenda and me.

Turning quickly, I observed Glenda’s eyes open wide. I ran toward her and stumbled awkwardly while I bellowed, “GLENDA!”

I felt the energy of the bolt hit me squarely in the back and fire through my body before I fell. My head bouncing off the grass of the practice field was the last thing I remembered.

Celeste’s hand accidentally grazing against my arm brings me out of my reverie. I am glad that Glenda is alright. And I know that the pounding in my head and dull throbbing ache coursing throughout my body is painful but it at least lets me know I am alive.

“Turn over, Remus.” Her gentle voice astonishes me. I cannot believe this is the same woman who blatantly attacked my affliction and I suddenly find myself becoming very aware that I am bare chested in front of Ms. Bertrand.

“Where’s Pomfrey?” I ask suspiciously but even with my doubts, I comply with her simple demand and flip over until I am lying on my stomach.

“She went to bed when I told her I would take care of you,” Celeste replies softly. Her hands touch me again and a feeling of warmth spreads over my back as she works her fingers into the area I surmise I was injured.

I sigh unconsciously as her hands begin knead me softly and I want to ask her if this is necessary. Instead, I lose myself in the sensation of her touch, the gentle caress that still has a firmness to it that promises so much more. Feeling an unexpected urgency begin to build, I squirm slightly. Soon, I find that I cannot take the surely unintentional torment Ms. Bertrand is causing, so I plead, “Celeste, please stop…it’s…ummm…hurting.”

“Nonsense, now turn over. When I am done applying this, you’ll feel much better,” she answers and I begrudgingly respond by turning over once more onto my back. My discomfiture seems painfully obvious to me under the sheets but Celeste chooses to ignore it as she continues, “I’ll need to put some on the exit point or you’ll have a nasty bruise.”

She studies my chest carefully and when her eyes light up, I know she has found the spot where the spell left my body. Celeste dabs some more cream onto her hands and reaches down, running her hands over my entire chest. Stifling a moan, I still melt into her touch, wanting nothing more now than to pull her close and kiss her when her hands reach over my shoulders and her full, red lips are mere millimeters from mine.

Celeste’s hands seem to circle my chest for an inordinately long amount of time but I do not care. Her touch, her scent, her honey colored hair brushing against my chest are driving me to distraction and the familiar want begins to wend its way through me. Her azure eyes, the color of the bluest ocean meet mine and I see now that there is definitely more there…her desire, her need…our magnetism pulling us inexorably closer. My breathing grows heavy before I croak, “Celeste…”

“Remus...” she replies, her eyes breaking away from mine yet her hands stay splayed on my chest, her body too near for me to contain myself much longer.

A knock on the door sounds and Celeste shakes her head slowly and begins to stand. The desirous woman of a moment ago gone, replaced by a coldness as she wipes her hand on a towel before she places the crème on the nightstand. Sitting up, I wince while I say once more, “Celeste…”

“I’m sorry, Professor Lupin,” she interrupts but behind her air of professionalism, I hear a slight bit of wistfulness in her voice and I wonder why she is apologizing. I should reach for her and ignore the person trying to get into my private room but I know that I cannot…the spell is broken.

Celeste throws the towel onto the table next to me and rolls down her sleeves as she strides to the door and opens it, admitting Glenda into my room. I sigh when I see the concern on Glenda’s features but my eyes wander to Celeste as she watches Glenda run to my side and throw her arms around me. Celeste leaves quickly when Glenda kisses my cheek and I find myself wondering if I imagined seeing more than was actually there.

Slowly, my focus turns to Glenda as she exclaims, “Goddess, I was so worried. You were so brave to step in front of that spell. Thank you so much.”

“I did no such thing, Glenda. I stumbled in front of that damn bolt, so no need to be grateful for my clumsiness,” I reply bitterly, not wanting to accept praise for being a foolish oaf.

Glenda’s brown eyes hold mine captive and I see the joy and bit of hero worship in them that I am sure is left as a product of her remembrances of me from days past. She steps back and I gaze at her beauty but my mind still reminisces about my encounter with Celeste. The sheer desire and lust radiating from both of us was something primordial and I almost found myself losing control of my beast and for some reason, I find myself debating whether Celeste would accept that part of me..

Still, Glenda is here while Celeste has probably gone to Stebbins after she recovered her facilities. Glenda steps away from me and soon, she reaches up and unsnaps the top five buttons of her robes as I watch in fascination when the gentle swell of her creamy white breasts comes into view. I realize that more than likely, she is naked underneath and I grin like a schoolchild in anticipation. She turns and takes her wand, muttering a locking and silencing charm before she begins to shrug out of her robe, “I am very grateful, Remus and you’ve always been my hero. Now, it’s time for your reward…”

I gasp as her robe suddenly lies in a puddle on the floor and Glenda steps toward me. She is more beautiful than I imagined, not quite slender but the soft curves of her hips and bosom accentuating a body kept trim by her over the years but her meticulousness. She reaches up and removes a pin from her hair and her long black tresses cascade well past her shoulders as she stands next to me.

Glenda’s upper body melts against mine while she leans over me, her taut nipples grazing against my chest until her face is so close, I can feel her hot breath upon me. My hands curl around her back seemingly involuntarily and I pull her close while I whisper, “Merlin, I never imagined.”

Her hand glides down my side until it cups my arousal through my pajama bottoms while she smiles, “You must have imagined something, Remus. You’re already so hard.”

I groan, not because of Glenda’s touch but the guilt…the guilt of knowing that it was Celeste who caused my reaction originally…and still in some way, does now. But I push those thoughts from my mind as Glenda’s mouth covers mine and her hand squeezes my hardness before deftly pulling my bottoms until I can kick them off. My tongue stabs into her mouth and she moans in response before she seals her lips against mine.

I push her up gently, breaking our kiss as I devour one of her nipples, pulling on the pale skin with my teeth, eliciting a sigh from Glenda. Her fingers take a firm grip on my cock, stroking it with a determined pace, her thumb running over the flushed head of my hardness on every upswing of her hand. Inexorably, I feel the animal within me try to take over and I fight to control it, knowing that I must master him. Still, as I feel any semblance of the pain wash away from me, I realize I need more, so I take hold Glenda’s hips and lift her onto the bed until she straddles my stomach.

Her hands run over my chest and again, thoughts of Celeste touching me force themselves into my mind but I banish them quickly. My hands still hold Glenda firmly as I try to decide what avenue to pursue. For a brief second, I entertain the idea of a long, languorous encounter with Glenda…after all, it is our first time. But my need consumes me and instead, I growl harshly, “You need to fuck me right now.”

“Yes, Remus…there is time to explore later. Make love to me,” she pants in reply, her body beginning to glisten from her exertions. Her answer gives me pause as I think that I am once more breaking a school rule that I have vowed to enforce but when Glenda lifts her body and takes hold of my cock, I realize that I just do not care right now. I will deal with the guilt at a different time.

Glenda stares at the ceiling, her head upturned as if praying to one of the Gods and I watch her whisper something to the heavens before she pushes her body down on mine, her cunt enveloping me as she continues to plunge downward until I am buried within her. My hands find her breasts, thumbs scraping over her turgid nipples before I twist them somewhat cruelly while crying out, “Mine…Glenda, you’re mine.”

Her head lolls backwards at my callous treatment but her body begins to move more rapidly, the disharmonious rhythm of our coupling echoing off the walls. Bringing my hands to her hips, I grip them firmly, surely marking Glenda as mine while I piston my cock into her relentlessly. Her head snaps forward when I begin to lift her bodily off of me before sinking her body down on me again. I revel in the sheer sensation of our union and I find myself wondering if fortune has smiled on me again and I have found another woman who can keep up with my bestial side.

Glenda braces her hands on my chest, her body beginning to quiver slightly as I feel her walls clench around me. Anticipation hazes over her features and I buck my hips into her determinedly. A long, tumultuous tremor wracks Glenda and she begs, “Remus, I’m yours but please slow down.”

Suddenly, I realize that primal savagery is not Glenda’s preferred method of lovemaking and I close my eyes, forcing down my own lust until he is once more safe behind his walls. I stifle a small sigh of disappointment before I begin to concentrate on Glenda again, still wanting her to enjoy this first time. My hand slithers between her body and my eager fingers soon find her clit. I spiral my thumb over her nub while I whisper, “Come around my cock, Glenda.”

Her body stiffens at my words and I watch as her back bows while she starts to shudder violently. Glenda begins to impale herself recklessly on my erection, the attainment of her pleasure causing her to lose all inhibition before she exclaims, “Gods, oh Gods, it’s better than I dreamed.”

Finally, I cannot hold back any longer and when her cunt spasms around me again, I drive my cock upwards one last time. My body arches as I feel myself expand and I spill inside of Glenda, her muscles still contracting around my length, pulling me ever deeper. I tremble uncontrollably beneath her while I whimper, “So perfect, Gods, yes…”

She continues to move on top of me until my cock begins to soften and Glenda collapses forward, her head resting against my shoulder while I kiss her hair. When our breathing returns to normal, she rolls off until she rests on my side, facing me while I ask, “What were you whispering when we were making love?”

Glenda hesitates for a moment, her eyes turned away as she blushes. My hand moves until I cup her chin and tilt her head back to me. I gaze at her intently while she replies hesitantly, “I was thanking the Gods for letting my dream come true. I wanted to be with you since I first started thinking about boys and now it’s happened.”

My arm wraps around her, pulling Glenda close before I grin, “Well love, I do hope it was worth the wait…”

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